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Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is required in Texas. You must have liability coverage to take care of any damage you cause with your vehicle. Most people want additional protection for their vehicles and property. At Parchman Insurance, we are here to help you understand your options, the different kinds of insurance available, and ultimately determine what policy would be best for your individual situation.

A certain amount of liability coverage is required in Texas, but you can get more liability coverage if you wish. If you owe on your car, your loan carrier will likely require you to have full coverage auto insurance.

There is also collision and comprehensive insurance for your vehicle, which makes up what is called full coverage. Collision covers your vehicle in an accident when the accident is your fault. Comprehensive is a policy that covers everything else. Comprehensive covers your vehicle for things that happen to it not related to a crash with another vehicle. This would cover things like a tree falling on your car. If you run your car into a fence, liability would cover the fence and comprehensive would fix your car.

There are also deductibles to consider, which affects your rates. The amount of coverage you choose will also affect your rates. Keep in mind that if your car is in an accident, if the cost to repair the vehicle is more than the book value of the vehicle, you will get the lesser of the two amounts. Also, if the repair costs are more than the book value, you will only get the book value amount in a settlement. With some older cars with low value, you may not need full coverage.

Give Parchman Insurance a call today and let one of our professional agents help you find the car insurance policy that best fits you and your driving situation. We can answer any questions you have about car insurance and find the best policy for you.