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Home Insurance

If you own a house in the great state of Texas, you will need homeowner’s insurance. At Parchman Insurance, our experienced and friendly agents can help you find the policy that best fits your budget while delivering the right kind of protection for your family.

A Helping Hand When You Need It Most

Every home insurance policy begins with dwelling coverage that will help to rebuild in case of a partial or total loss due to fire, a storm, lightning, or an explosion. In most cases, your sheds, detached garage, and exterior improvements like your deck are also covered. You will also receive compensation to help you to replace your clothes, furniture, and other personal possessions. We always suggest completing a home inventory for more complete protection. You will usually have a small deductible due when the claim is processed.

Finding Shelter at the Worst Time

Your home insurance policy can also help to pay for a hotel room or short-term rental if your house becomes uninhabitable after suffering damage from a fire or other covered incident. It can also reduce your out-of-pocket expenses for food and travel due to the emergency.

Protecting Your Most Valuable Investment

Your home insurance can also help you out when somebody gets injured on your property through the medical payments and personal liability section. That means that your savings account won't be immediately emptied when you face some serious situations. Your family can continue to build for the future.

At Parchman Insurance, we always take the time to review all your assets when assisting you in selecting a home insurance policy. We also encourage all our clients to revisit their policies on a regular basis to ensure coverage keeps pace with changing real estate values and the cost of living. If you are ready to find the right insurance for your newly purchased Texas home, give us a click or call today.