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Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance

From flash floods to hurricanes, Texas homeowners need to secure a flood insurance policy to protect one of the largest investments they will ever make, their homes.

Flood insurance is not automatically included in a homeowner’s insurance policy to it is important for people to talk with their insurance agent about obtaining the appropriate policy to protect their assets. At Parchman Insurance in Austin, Texas, the agents and staff are extremely knowledgeable about flood insurance and the coverage it offers.

Coverage Under A Flood Insurance Policy

Many people wonder what a flood insurance policy covers and there are many items that will fall under the coverage piece of your policy. Most policies are obtained through your agent and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). There are two options under the flood insurance policy for you to consider, including an option that will cover your home itself up to $250,000 and one that covers your personal property up to $100,000. That means if your home is a total loss, you will be able to purchase a new home or rebuild at the site of the one you lost due to flooding. Personal property includes your clothing, furniture, appliances, and other items you need to live your daily life.

Things Not Covered By Flood Insurance

There are several items a flood insurance policy will not cover, unfortunately. Some of those things include precious metals, stock certificates, bonds, and cash. These are all things that can be kept in a safety deposit box or other safe location, away from your home.

Basically, your landscaping is not covered by flood insurance, such as trees, plants, and walkways. Also, septic systems, storm shelters, swimming pools, decks, and hot tubs are not covered in the event of flooding at your home.

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To guarantee that you have the best flood insurance policy available, contact the agents at Parchman Insurance in Texas, by visiting the office or calling for an appointment today!